Free Speech Pays

One of the best ways to expose decision-makers to your company is by developing a corporate speakers bureau program and putting your company’s most charismatic professionals in front of the industry.

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Why Execution Is as Important as Innovation

It seems like no one can agree on the economy — and some of us are ready to #OccupyKlout this week — but everyone can agree that we love innovation. In my series about innovation and entrepreneurs, I talked with client Don Steiner, founder and president of Profit Recovery Partners LLC. PRP is a Remarx Media client that provides economic stimulus to CFOs today. Don stresses that innovation doesn’t happen in isolation; you have to deliver on your outstanding ideas with a well-honed team. Read on to learn more and let us know your comments and questions.

1.      How do you define innovation?

Innovation is thinking outside the box with commitment to execution.

2.      Give us an example of innovation within your organization this year.

Our reinvention is our best example. We examined our limits to growth with our current structure. We identified our limitations, restructured our company to find deeper savings, processed to achieve savings 200 percent faster, increased service to our clients, raised the bar for employees (through sales skills, presentation skills and strategic thinking) and now have a scalable organization. The execution of this is a two-year project changing the current function of 80 employees while maintaining the highest levels of service to our clients.

3.      How do you see the results of innovation created by PRP?

All innovations must have a plan, timeline and measurable results (revenue increase or reduction in cost).

4.      PRP often works with entrepreneurs. Tell us one story about how you made a difference to an entrepreneur.

Creating jobs. PRP has reduced costs for its clients, which have saved jobs and helped our clients fund growth.

5.      I hear you mix philanthropy with business. How is that part of innovation?

Yes, donations should be given to organizations that use the money wisely and have everlasting impact to improve people’s lives.

What are your thoughts on innovation? Comment here or tweet me at @remarx. And if you missed it last month, Michael J. Harris of Aperture Capital shared his thoughts about innovation. Read it here. 

The Five Vital Roles of a Headline-Worthy CEO

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

“Our competitor gets all of the press. I don’t understand it. We’ve been in business longer, and have better products and services. We even get interviews – but few of them result in the kind of press we expect. What do we do?”

This situation is played out across America, in both small and large companies. CEOs in this situation could increase their public relations IQ to boost their company’s brand equity.

CEOs today must wear many hats: visionary, fundraiser, strategist and more. Now they can hang another title on the executive hat rack: business storyteller.

To carve out a prominent place among the media, chief executives must master the art of storytelling. No one is more believable than the CEO when presenting a company’s vision to the media. Yet a dull and drab interview can kill even the most newsworthy story.

Here are five characteristics of business storytelling that every CEO must master.

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