New Year-New Habit No. 5: Be Headline-Worthy

Do you feel like the Mad Hatter during media interviews?

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? “Our competitor gets all of the press. I don’t understand it. We’ve been in business longer, and have better products and services. We even get interviews – but few of them result in the kind of press we … [Continue reading]

New Year-New Habit No. 4: Get a Professional Headshot

Sometimes, we make public relations and social media too complex and overlook the most basic block-and-tackle activities. I challenge you to shore up the foundations of your PR and social media programming this year. Journalists will thank you. Your … [Continue reading]

New Year-New Habit No. 3: Use Social Media Productivity Tools

It's only the third day of the new year, but I bet you've teetered on one of your resolutions already. I want you to succeed. Heck, I want to succeed at 2012 goal-setting. But resolutions can be meaningless unless action becomes habit. That's why I … [Continue reading]

New Year-New Habit No. 2: Pick Up the Phone

In the iPhone 4S we trust. Thanks, Apple.

Are you still lurking? In the first post of my New Year-New Habit series, "Stop Lurking and Other Resolutions," I suggested we cease lurking this year and start commenting on the digital content we intake. Try to build this good public relations … [Continue reading]

Stop Lurking and Other Resolutions

Stop lurking on the web.

I have a confession: I don't believe in resolutions. The world is awash in the hope a new year brings, but I am smugly betting that most people will abandon their resolutions faster than Kim Kardashian said, "I don't." I do, however, believe in … [Continue reading]

How to Select a Public Relations Agency

It's the end of the year, and most CEOs and marketing vice presidents are polishing off strategic plans for the new year. I've talked with more than two dozen executives recently who are committed to investing in public relations in 2012. They've … [Continue reading]

Why Execution Is as Important as Innovation

Profit Recovery Partners

It seems like no one can agree on the economy — and some of us are ready to #OccupyKlout this week — but everyone can agree that we love innovation. In my series about innovation and entrepreneurs, I talked with client Don Steiner, founder and … [Continue reading]

Interview with Michael J. Harris, Aperture Capital, Aperture Payment Solutions

Michael J. Harris

Last month, I kicked off our series on innovation by talking with Julie Evans, the chief executive officer at Project Tomorrow. This month, I interviewed client Michael J. Harris. He's the chief at Aperture Capital and the newly formed Aperture … [Continue reading]

Business Blogging: Sales & Marketing Roundtable

I'm giving another talk on corporate blogging, and would love to see you there. Build a Rapport with Your Customers and Prospects...Sign-up Today! Given the decline in effectiveness of business-to-business (B2B) advertising, more … [Continue reading]

Radical Integration of Media: 30 Speakers, 15 questions, 60 Minutes

Today's post is an invitation to The Future of Media: Radical Integration, a virtual event on Tuesday, Aug. 23, where I will be one of the speakers answering questions about the massive convergence taking place right now in pr, advertising and … [Continue reading]