The Wolf Teaches Personal Branding

You never know where you’ll learn about PR, marketing and branding. I had a terrific reminder this week, while re-watching the movie, “Pulp Fiction.” It’s one of my favorites, and I practically have the script memorized. Yet I never realized that its characters provide fantastic lessons on the subject of personal branding. O.K. Bear with me. I know you’re wondering how John Travolta’s comeback movie taught anything. Trust me: Quentin Tarantino is a quirky producer who wove all sorts of lessons into that gritty film.

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New Year-New Habit No. 10: Maximize PR Budgets

It’s the season for resolutions, and one of the most common resolutions is to save money. In public relations and marketing, we can turn that resolution into a habit of maximizing investments. Off the cuff, PR is 10X less expensive than advertising — and about a 100X more influential. Even so, every company wants to stretch its PR dollars. Here are my tips on how to get the most out of your public relations budget.

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New Year-New Habit No. 7: Sales Letter Writing Tips

In my New Year-New Habit series yesterday, I suggested you find new ways to incorporate customer testimonials into your marketing and sales communications. Let’s look further at sales communications today and focus on the art of writing sales letters that sizzle.

A sales letter is one of the most common forms of direct marketing. However, writing an effective one isn’t easy. Many companies hire direct-marketing professionals to create their mailings, but you can write your own by following these tips.

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New Year-New Habit No. 5: Be Headline-Worthy

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? “Our competitor gets all of the press. I don’t understand it. We’ve been in business longer, and have better products and services. We even get interviews – but few of them result in the kind of press we expect. What do we do?”

Instead of accepting mediocre media relations results this year, vow to get into the habit of earning exceptional press. Here are five ways CEOs can become headline-worthy. [Read more...]

New Year-New Habit No. 4: Get a Professional Headshot

Sometimes, we make public relations and social media too complex and overlook the most basic block-and-tackle activities. I challenge you to shore up the foundations of your PR and social media programming this year. Journalists will thank you. Your communities will thank you. And you’ll be thanked with better branding, greater media coverage and deeper conversations with your customers. Let’s start with your image. [Read more...]

New Year-New Habit No. 3: Use Social Media Productivity Tools

It’s only the third day of the new year, but I bet you’ve teetered on one of your resolutions already. I want you to succeed. Heck, I want to succeed at 2012 goal-setting. But resolutions can be meaningless unless action becomes habit. That’s why I am suggesting one new public relations and social media habit every day this month. The idea is to pick the suggestions that fit your business and career and incorporate them into your daily routine. Today’s suggestion is to counter an argument I hear too often: I don’t have time to manage my social media networks! [Read more...]

New Year-New Habit No. 2: Pick Up the Phone

Are you still lurking?

In the first post of my New Year-New Habit series, “Stop Lurking and Other Resolutions,” I suggested we cease lurking this year and start commenting on the digital content we intake. Try to build this good public relations and social media habit this week by:

  • Leaving one comment on a blog you read
  • Sharing two other articles with your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter communities

Easy steps, right? Here’s my second suggestion, which may get some of you out of your comfort zone. [Read more...]

Stop Lurking and Other Resolutions

I have a confession: I don’t believe in resolutions. The world is awash in the hope a new year brings, but I am smugly betting that most people will abandon their resolutions faster than Kim Kardashian said, “I don’t.”

I do, however, believe in creating habits that will improve your life. [Read more...]

How to Select a Public Relations Agency

It’s the end of the year, and most CEOs and marketing vice presidents are polishing off strategic plans for the new year. I’ve talked with more than two dozen executives recently who are committed to investing in public relations in 2012. They’ve asked candidly how to select an agency or consultant. They know that PR can bring their company profitable industry and business exposure and help create an integrated marketing communications campaign that boosts sales. Yet, selecting the right PR pro for your needs is critical to the success of your company. By working with an agency or consultant, you gain strategic communications counsel and an extensive database of media contacts. Here are my suggestions on some of the best ways to select your next PR partner: [Read more...]