Interview with Julie Evans, Project Tomorrow CEO

Since opening our doors in 2009, our goal has been to help the companies, nonprofits and people driving the Innovation Economy make their mark.

Julie Evans is one of those people. She is the chief executive officer at Project Tomorrow. We had a conversation with her about innovation and thought you’d like to know her thoughts. This is the first interview in a series on innovation.

1.    How do you define innovation?

I really like this definition of innovation from the management guru Peter Drucker: “Change that creates a new dimension of performance.” I think that sometimes folks only think of innovation as a change in the way of doing something or a new product or service.  However, as Drucker so eloquently points out what is most important is the impact of that change.  An innovative idea, product or service must result in a totally new level or dimension of performance to be a legitimate innovation.  Dare I say, it is all about the impact, stupid!

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