You Can’t Parlay Your Headshot

Pirates Captured Us and Demanded A Sequel

Quick replies required:

Does your headshot reflect how you look today? Yes or No
Are you proud of your headshot? Yes or No
Does your headshot capture your personality? Yes or No

If you answered “no” to these questions, mark your calendar for June 10, and plan to spend 30 minutes with your friends at Remarx Media.

Between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., our partner photographer David Moyle will be at Remarx Media for an open photo shoot for our clients, partners and friends. We know you love that photo of yourself from 15 years ago because you look “so young, skinny and energetic.” Trust us, it’s time to clear that photo out of cyberspace and replace it with a professional image that best captures your fresh look today.

For less money than you’ll fork over on dinner out or guzzle down on designer lattes this month, you could have a proper head shot taken that represents you and your unique brand personality. The cost is $65 per person. This includes a 30-minute photo shoot, unlimited number of digital images taken, and professional rendering and processing of three of your favorite photos. You will own all images shot during the shoot, so you can return to David to have other photos processed later. To schedule a time for your shoot, contact Theresa Dreike at or 714-706-0433 ext. 102.

Confessions from a Cubicle Ditcher

Nine years ago on May 1, I ditched the world of beige cubicles for a table at Starbucks and, eventually, my own corner office. I became self-employed. Any entrepreneur can attest that it takes more hustling, longer hours and delayed gratification than anticipated. Yet we slog along because of the hope we have that we will be successful in return. Unlike the textbook knowledge that some of my colleagues and friends are learning from formal MBA programs, I am learning the equivalent to a master’s program the hard way. (And I wouldn’t change a second of it.)

Here are the most-important nine lessons I’ve learned:

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