SCVN Networking Mixer

Mixers are one of our favorite networking opportunities and this Tuesday, March 29, 2011 Southern California Venture Network (SCVN) will be hosing the SCVN Networking Mixer in Newport Beach. The organization strives to increase networking opportunities for both start-up and emerging growth companies by encouraging people to take advantage of its network of skilled professionals and high-level business contacts. Enjoy appetizers and drinks as you build business relationships from this exclusive high-end business networking group.

What: SCVN Networking Mixer

When: 5:45 – 8:30pm, Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where: Club 8 Eighty 8, 4647 MacArthur Blvd., Newport Beach, CA

How to register: $15 at the door

Be remarxable and join us! For more information visit

1996 Called & Wants Its Headshot Back

Quick replies required:

  • Does your headshot reflect how you look today? Yes or No
  • Are you proud of your headshot? Yes or No
  • Does your headshot capture your personality? Yes or No

If you answered “no” to these questions, mark your calendar for April 1, and plan to spend 30 minutes with your friends at Remarx Media.
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Updates to Marketwire Pricing

Recently, Marketwire sent out an announcement teasing new features and notifying users of a “modest price increase.” After a review of its price guide, we can see that rates will increase by approximately $15 per state newsline ($160 to $175) and $10 per additional 100 words ($40 to $50). Although this isn’t a ridiculous increase, — Marketwire still is less expensive than its competition — the price increase can add up for companies struggling to slim down in this economy.

Now the good news: In the coming months, Marketwire will unfold “significant new developments,” including an enhanced corporate website, the introduction of specific services for public companies and financial communicators, more intuitive social media offerings, and increased functionality in end-to-end workflow solutions.

Remarx Media is looking forward to seeing how the new enhancements will benefit our public relations efforts and our clients. You can find out more about Marketwire services by visiting or asking one of us!

When Fashion Meets Technology

In November, I bragged about my love affair with the Maddie Powers computer bags from Mobile Edge. Maddie Powers is an edgy, retro-styled laptop bag collection featuring actual pulp magazine images from the 1940s and 50s.

Since November, I carried a purple messenger bag that featured an image from a 1949 pulp magazine. When Mobile Edge learned of my enthusiasm for the laptop bag, they told my story on their corporate blog. The marketing lesson: I will be a Mobile Edge fan for life and recommend the company and its products to others.

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And the Award Goes to…

Here in Orange County, the tech community is gearing up for the 18th annual High-Tech Innovation Awards, sponsored by TechAmerica. The annual awards program rewards U.S. innovation and competitiveness. We received nearly 100 entries.

Yet some companies opted out of the nomination process. In asking why – sorry, I’m a former journalist with insatiable curiosity — I learned that many company leaders thought award programs were time-consuming and self-serving. Oddly enough, some of these companies then complain that they don’t get their fair share of media coverage or investor inquiry. Think there’s a correlation there, guys?

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Marx Your Calendars for Tech Networking

TechAmerica Orange County, an association of companies driving innovation worldwide, has some remarxable events coming up we wanted to share.

March 15, 2011: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Best & Worst Practices — How to Mitigate Risk & Ensure Compliance!
Presented by the OC Global International Committee

What do you do to stay on top of ever-changing global compliance policies?
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) prohibits U.S. companies and their agents from offering or providing anything of value to “foreign officials” to obtain or retain business. How does this impact your business? Join us as Broadcom ‘s Senior Policy and Compliance Counsel Jason Weintraub and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP’s Partner Nick Hanna discuss the FCPA, recent enforcement trends and offer practical real-world advice and best practices regarding compliance and risk assessment.  You will learn the latest corruption statistics around the world, the reach of the U.K. Bribery Act to U.S. companies, SEC and DOJ recent activity and trends in FCPA enforcement, and strategies for protecting your company and enhancing compliance programs. Use the FCPA-OC coupon code to get $10 off when you sign up for this program. Register at

March 17, 2011: Is Your Head in the Clouds?  Your Infrastructure’s Future Is!
Presented By the OC Executive Finance/CFO Committee

Are you in the cloud?  If yes, how is cloud computing working for your organization?
Don’t build your infrastructure one server at a time;use the Cloud to leverage pooled resources, maximize efficiency and lower overall operating costs.  In this timely presentation, we’ll take a closer look at companies that have successfully incorporated cloud computing into their growth strategy. You’ll learn how you can follow their lead to make it work for you.  From infrastructure technology and solution providers, such as3Tera, Appistry and Skytap, toto PaaS providers Aptana Cloud, Bungee Connect and Coherence, CSC CTO/Sr. Technical Director Mike Siersema will share exactly how much money cloud computing is saving organizations. Use the CLOUD-OC coupon code to get $10 off when you sign up for this program. Register at
March 22, 2011: OC HR Presents Having Difficult Conversations Without Difficulty
Presented By the OC HR/Sales & Marketing Committees

What are you doing to ensure your work force conversations are authentic?

Two types of conversations occur in business today: reactive conversations and collaborative conversations. Reactive conversations, driven by resistance and fear, are wasteful in that they prevent real issues from being discussed.  Collaborative conversations help build trusting relationships, and deal effectively with real issues, thus producing extraordinary results.  Reactive conversations are inauthentic and closed resulting in dysfunctional behavior and interpersonal mush.  Collaborative conversations are open and authentic and produce extraordinary results.  Join us for a highly interactive presentation featuring Strategic Momentum Principal Kobe Bogaer.  When a team’s predominant mode of conversation is inauthentic and/or closed, there is a high degree of resistance, waste, fear and resentment. These reactive, conversations produce interpersonal distrust and highly dysfunctional teamwork resulting in higher-than-average turnover and lower-than-average business results.  Use the DIFFICULT-OC coupon code to get $10 off when you sign up for this program. Register at
For more information about the events contact Program Marketing & Event Manager Yalanda Oglesby at 949-502-005 or visit