Social Media for Lead Generation and Customer Retention

We spend a lot of time talking about social media. By now, most tech companies understand how to use social media for branding and communications. The savvier ones are using it for employee communications, organizational development and HR recruitment. Then there’s the elite group: the companies that are using the social web for lead generation and customer retention. Yes, Virginia, there is ROI in social media.

On Wednesday, Nov. 10, I’ll join TechAmerica Orange County (@techamericaoc), David Reeve of WebVisible (@webvisible), and SEO, SEM and social media marketing go-to-guy Todd Herschberg (@herschberg) to talk about how to find hidden dollars using the social web.

What could you add to the conversation?

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Social Media and that Dreaded Word … Transparency

It’s important for BRANDS that are using social media to be transparent about who actually is tweeting on behalf of the brand. Keep in mind that a company as an entity wouldn’t actually tweet on it’s own. The people working for the company will tweet, or Facebook, on its behalf.

So, keeping the above in mind, it’s important to be transparent and open about who those people are. Brands can run into trouble when they don’t disclose that an agency, for example, is managing and posting on all of their social media.

Here are some local companies that are doing this really well. Our client @rolanddga, as well as media outlet @ocreggie.

Here’s some big brand that do it well: @pepsi, @kelleybluebook, @ford, @techcrunch, @latimestech (in bio), @delloutlet (see image on the side), @microsoft (See image on the side) and @firefox.

Which of your favorite brands are sharing information transparently on social media?

Do You Tell Stories with Social Media?

Last week I attended Jeff Pulver’s #140conf about Twitter in Hollywood, Calif. During the two days of short and mostly to the point speakers and panels, I realized one thing … the underlying theme of the conference was storytelling. I don’t believe this was by design, but each speaker had some kind of story to tell – marketing, life, education or writing – and turned to social media to communicate the message to their audiences.

As we use these ground breaking technologies, that allow us to communicate a message en masse to hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of people with the click of one button, it’s important to remember that there should be a point to and a reason for communicating. Remember to know which vehicle – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – you are using, for what entity you are using it and what you would like to share with that audience.

Although the kind of information shared to each audience may change slightly based on the platform, the reason for using it is the same … to tell a story.

What are your favorite stories told using social media?