LinkedIn Facelift Enhances Group Discussions

In the middle of posting an event on the discussion board of several LinkedIn groups, the layout and features suddenly changed. Although I was confused, I was pleased to see that LinkedIn rolled out some features for group discussions – and they look great!

The platform has made it easier to read comments, share discussions and links, and view profiles. Improvements include:

  • Rich link sharing: LinkedIn has removed the wall between original remarks and off-site content, such as shared news articles. In addition, LinkedIn allows you to identify users easily by linking to a quick-view of their profile when you scroll over their names.
  • Easy view comments: Roll over the images of the last three participants on any thread to see comment previews and click their profile pictures to jump to their segments of the conversation.
  • Democratized discussion: Group members can vote content — such as original posts, RSS items, and off-site links shared by group members — up or down to establish popularity.
  • E-mail alerts: You now can set up an e-mail alert to notify you when select members of the group make a contribution (like or comment) within the group. This is accomplished easily from the global Groups’ People I’m Following page.
  • Identify influencers: LinkedIn has made it easy to discover participants who really drive the activity of the group’s discussions each week by highlighting them as “top influencers.” They are decided not only by contribution, but also by whose content stimulates the most participation from others.

I encourage you to dive into some group conversations and see how it can help you build your LinkedIn network. The interactive improvements have made it easier than ever to share your thoughts and identify yourself as the expert you are.

Check out this video tutorial for an overview of the LinkedIn changes.